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1 Oxford Street #231, Cambridge MA 02138


I am a Benjamin Peirce fellow at Harvard working with Mike Hopkins, interested in homotopical methods in algebraic geometry, i.e, a combination of math.AG, math.KT, math.AT. I am (for the most part) currently working on cohomological and homotopical aspects of algebraic and arithmetic geometry in the real closed and p-adic settings.

For the 21/22 academic year I will be on leave as a postdoc at the IMJ in Paris to work with Matthew Morrow on motivic cohomology.

Here is a summary of research I have done so far. A document with future research is available upon request.

Current Seminar:

Some old seminars:

Coniveau seminar

Open Neighborhood Seminar (an undergraduate colloquium at Harvard)

Condensed Thursday (Fall 2020)

CORONAGS (Spring+Fall 2020)

Seminar on motivic infinite loop spaces. (Fall 2019)

A summer school on the solution of Weibel’s conjecture. (Spring 2018)

Seminar on topological cyclic homology. (Fall 2017)

Seminar on Algebraic K-theory and higher categories. (Fall 2016)

On p-adic whatevers. (Fall 2018)



  1. Mostly quarantined


  1. University of Copenhagen (01/15-20)
  2. University of Western Ontario (01/29-01/31)
  3. University of Notre Dame (02/04-02/06)
  4. George Mason University (02/28-03/02)
  5. Oberwolfach (04/01-04/07)
  6. Universität Duisburg-Essen (04/08-04/14)
  7. AMS Sectionals (Portland) (04/14-04/15)
  8. IWAT 2018, Shenzhen (06/06-06/09)
  9. Freie Universität Berlin (06/18-06/29; 07/14-07/22)
  10. Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (07/23-07/28)
  11. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (09/24-09/28)
  12. Institut Fourier (10/08-10/12)
  13. Universitetet i Oslo (10/14-10/19)
  14. NTNU (18/11-20/11)
  15. UZH (12/13-12/15)
  16. Universität Regensburg (12/15-12/19)
  17. Universität Duisburg-Essen (01/11-01/15)
  18. Universitetet i Oslo (01/18-01/22)
  19. Derived Algebraic Geometry Semester at MSRI (January-June)
  20. Northwestern University (February 8-12)
  21. Institute for Basic Science (South Korea) (February)
  22. University of Southern California (March)
  23. Institute for Advanced Study (July)
  24. SUNY Albany (September 26)
  25. Minnesota (October 24)
  26. UIC (November 13)

Some non-math musings:

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