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In Preparation

  1. Twisted Homotopy Ktheory and Twisted Cycle Class Maps.
  2. Étale Framed Motives.
  3. A Kahn-Priddy Theorem in Motivic Homotopy Theory (with Maria Yakerson).
  4. Mod 2 Power Operations in Normed Motivic Spectra (with Tom Bachmann and Jeremiah Heller).
  5. Inverting the Spherical Bott element (with Tom Bachmann and Paul Arne Østvær).
  6. Étale Descent for Semiorthogonal Decompositions (with Benjamin Antieau).
  7. Genuine Stabilization of G-Topoi and Motivic Homotopy Theory (with Jay Shah)
  8. K-theory of Universal Homeomorphisms (with Akhil Mathew and Jakub Witaszek)
  9. The Universal Property of Bispans I & II (with Rune Haugseng)
  10. Excision and descent in Motivic Homotopy Theory (with Marc Hoyois, Ryomei Iwasa and Shane Kelly)