electronic Algebraic K-Theory Seminar (eAKTS)

What are we? An online international research seminar focusing on algebraic K-theory and related fields.

When and where? We meet Mondays Tuesdays at 11am EDT 12pm EDT (6pm CEST). We meet roughly once every two weeks. In order to participate in the seminar, please join our google group: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/eaktseminar. Here’s the zoom info:

Meeting ID: 979 0634 7355 (note the new meeting ID)

Password: The K_0 of a field, spelled out in full and all lower case.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB63yh9fPf43Ae5f8uWbTZg

What’s the format like? Talks will be 90 minutes long with a 30 minutes “coffee break” in the middle. For fall, due to everyone’s busy schedule, talks will be 60 minute uninterrupted with a “coffee break” after. The talks are recorded and available at this link.



  1. 1 June Dustin Clausen (Bonn/Copenahgen) The K-theory of adic spaces. (abstract)
  2. 15 June Moritz Kerz (Regensburg) Some remarks on Vorst’s conjecture. (abstract)
  3. 29 June Lennart Meier (Utrecht) The chromatic behaviour of algebraic K-theory. (abstract)
  4. 13 July Guillermo Cortiñas (Universidad de Buenos Aires) Bivariant (hermitian) K-theory and applications. (abstract)
  5. 27 July Wiesława Nizioł (Sorbonne Université) p-adic comparison theorems for analytic spaces.  (abstract) (Nizioł’s slides)
  6. 10 August Sander Kupers (Harvard/Toronto) Algebraic K-theory and the unstable homology of general linear group. (abstract) (Sander’s notes)
  7. 31 August Michael Groechenig (Toronto) The epsilon-connection and algebraic K-theory. (abstract)
  8. 15 September Burt Totaro (UCLA) Torus actions, Morse homology,
    and the Hilbert scheme of points on affine space. (abstract)
  9. 29 September Marc Hoyois (Regensburg) Milnor excision for motivic spectra. (abstract)
  10. 13 October Thomas Nikolaus (Münster) On Grothendieck–Witt theory of the integers (abstract)
  11. 27 October Mikala Jansen (Copenhagen) The reductive Borel–Serre compactification as a model for the K-theory space. (abstract)
  12. 10 November Arpon Raksit (Stanford) Hochschild homology and the derived de Rham complex revisited. (abstract)
  13. 24 November Raman Parimala (Emory) Generic  triviality of principal bundles on relative curves. (abstract)
  14. 1 December Matthew Morrow (Jussieu) p-adic Milnor K-theory of p-adic rings. (abstract)
  15. 15 December Joseph Ayoub (UZH) Rigid analytic motivic sheaves. (abstract)

Organizers: Benjamin Antieau, Elden Elmanto, Akhil Mathew, Maria Yakerson.